Garnet Gift Guide

If I had a pomegranate aril for every time I’ve heard someone say “but I really do love garnets,” I’d start my own juice company! Arils, in case you are wondering, are what botanists call the translucent, somewhat-faceted wine-red seeds of the pomegranate, and it is precisely the gemstone’s resemblance to pomegranate arils that made ancient Roman naturalists name it after the fruit. And maybe it’s no coincidence that the Romans believed garnets have super healing powers, just as the super fruit purportedly does.  

The deep red shades of garnet are by far the most popular. Good quality rough is relatively abundant, and being a durable gem, it is a favored choice for items in a wide range of prices. Here’s our recommended garnet gift guidefor January babies, second anniversaries, and garnet groupies everywhere.

The Gift of Luxury: Not as costly as ruby but just as worthy of 14k gold mountings and diamond highlights, only you and your customer need to know that these items look more expensive than they really are…

The Gift Panache: Garnets are perfect for bracelets with a little heft , stacking rings, or bolder rings with larger center stones.

The Gift of Romance: A heart shaped garnet says it all. Try resisting one set in rose gold, or the extra symbolism of centering it within two nested circles.

The Gift of Roman:  We just invented that category for our new garnet-embellished Roman-era coin pendant, a genuine piece of history.

The Gift of Whimsy: We’re back to heartsa trio of gems in graduated size and color has its own beatba-ba-boom! Or surprise them with tsavorite, the green variety of garnet, ribbit ribbit...

The Gift of…Fruit?  Sure, it’s always welcome! May we suggest garnet and cranberry, a crisp apple, or garnet as a cherry-on-top?

The Gift of Looking Sharp: Garnets are great stones for men’s rings, too, with square-shaped gems set in titanium or larger gems in silver.

Garnets are a year-‘round favorite, but here’s wishing a happy birthday to all those lucky enough to have garnets as their birthstone!


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